Debbie Prediger Photography | A few important things


Policies; Not the fun stuff but yes its important.

After our initial consult to find out what you are looking for and where we will take the images, you book a session, I will hold the date and time we discussed for 5 days. I need payment (I can send you a paypal invoice or you can make a payment with check or cash) within that 5 days or the date becomes available again. Please Don't be disappointed my sessions fill up fast...average wait time is 3-6 weeks (as much as I would love to shoot photographs 24 hours a day, I found out I can't)

For session fee based sessions. (not the new digital session) The session fee is a retainer. It holds your spot and makes a promise to both of us that you will be getting photos taken. If you have to cancel for illness or emergency I work with you. If you just changed your mind. Sorry my time has been taken up and others could have used that spot. Hope we all understand that this is business and although things happen. Finding a friend to take your images and changing your mind is not an excuse for money refund.

On signature sessions they all have min order's. we will discuss that before you book the session to make sure it fits your needs. I want everyone to feel like they got the best deal I have to offer. We all go away happy!

If you don't want to commit to a min. order go ahead and book the KIS session and you can pre-buy your print credits (to save 10%) even after our session (same day) if you are nervous that you won't have any to choose from. * Rest assured I have never had a problem with clients not having enough choices, but I have been known to give them too many. What can I say I get carried away.

Ordering sessions: These are included in all signature sessions. After your session I will contact you for an appointment to come make your order. I will show them to you on our big TV and in a relaxed atmosphere. We will together decide what works best as collages, or your cards, or even an album if that is what you want. This is great for the person that really wants that added service. I can even go as far as taking pictures of your home and uploading them to my software and showing how the images will look on your own walls. Talk about personal service.

KIS sessions will no longer get the ordering session included. We can make arrangements if this is something you want. I will upload your images on a online proofing and purchasing site. The products are listed here and you can have them delivered right to you. Less work for me = great prices for you.


I love taking photographs, I love creating art that you will treasure for years to come. I also love my own family and therefore I choose to balance my time between business and family.

Weekend and evening appointments all have min. order restrictions. My regular schedule will be 9-5 Monday through Friday and KIS sessions are only available during Monday to Thursday's. 

thanks for respecting my policies and creative talent