Debbie Prediger Photography | About
Moments do matter! I believe everyone has a story to tell, it is my passion to tell your story or your families story through photographs. Heart felt, natural light in natural settings. Studio posed stiff images are not for me! I would much rather capture a full out giggle, or a hug between father and daughter than a stiff unfeeling photo anyday. Call me crazy, but that is me!
I live in a small town, where our neighbours are truly our friends. We volunteer and fund raise when help is needed. We truly do care!
Being from a small community, I have to be a "jack of all trades". I try to Fill the void, and photograph anything and everything things. That being said, my passion is babies, children sports action and wildlife. I think its the challenge that you can't predict them. You don't know when you will get that perfect shot, I have to be ready and on my toes! BUT the rewards are so fantastic, that I live off that special feeling until the next "perfect shot " comes along.
Enough about me... Let's go look at some images.