Debbie Prediger Photography | LET"S DESIGN YOUR PHOTO WALL

So many of my clients want inspiration and help to hang their new treasured art pieces! I believe strongly is displaying the finished session. Why do all that to take these images if your not going proudly print and display. Digital sharing has its place, but holding and touching a print is totally different.

I have another costumer service that is coming into your home, and helping you choose photo groupings, as well as appropriate sizes for each wall you are using to display that art. I can come up with many samples.

8 8x10s on stairs8 8x10s on stairs 7 framed on couch7 framed on couch 20x24 and 6) 5x7 framed prints20x24 and 6) 5x7 framed prints

This can be done with art I created for you, or photos you have already. Word art or vinyl quotes are a great addition to this type of display and I can help you with that also.

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