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Why clients recommend me to their friends:

My signature Lifestyle Family Session!!!

Un rushed relaxed lifestyle sessions} basically we book about 2 hours of time so we are not rushed. The kids get to warm up to me and trust me. Not a studio, posed, stand here, smile like that type of session. These are relaxed and carefree. Let me work with the kids. I lead them into a pose or set up that I am ready with camera to capture just what you are looking for. Your job...just have fun with the kids. Play, interact, have the best day of your life! Let me be there to capture it forever.


My Newborn Session!!!

At your home or mine; again no rush. the newborn calls the shoots here. There is a new boss in the house and we just have to go with it. This session happens between day 1-day 21. This is best because baby is still really sleepy and we get beautiful priceless images that will be displayed and treasured in your home.


My NEWBORN as ART Session!!!

I sometimes call this my miracle session. Because it really does depend on babe. Sometimes we are ready to give up and baby does exactly what we have been working towards. All the set up and patience pays off and we get an art piece that is unique and "a Miracle". Most times it is a one of a kind because we couldn't get baby to pose or react like that again even if we took all day.

PS: Please do not plan anything else this day. You and Baby will be a bit tired after a miracle session


Outdoors rural western Themed Session

For that outdoors family or child. Do you love old buildings, vintage props, junk...lets talk. I love this stuff too.


Sessions start at $159 and may have min. order requirements and are paid via e-transfer in order to hold your time appointment.

 Contact me and we will talk, discuss everything you are wanting, and I will help suggest a few things I know work well.  Is my style of photography what you are looking for. I work hard to make sure my clients have a great experience and receive great value for money spent. You will find I am an artist with a passion for photography and capturing your moments, telling your story. Hope that's what you are looking for. If so give me a call or email. I am normally booked for 3-6 weeks in advance.


NEW 2016: Aerial Farm Photos, Event Photography charged by the hour (works well for reunion, santa days, sports, anniversary) and family, memorial, and farm VIDEOS